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Systems Administrator

Geo Solutions · Doha, Qatar
Department Geo Solutions
Employment Type Contractor
Minimum Experience Mid-level
Compensation $200,000

Clearance Requirement:  Clearance from local Government agency is requirement prior to hiring.

About Us:

Spaceflight Industries is a next-generation space company enabling access to space and redefining global intelligence. 

As a division of Spaceflight Industries, BlackSky is a geospatial intelligence solutions provider that enables various organizations from different fields to task, collect, and transform data from earth observation, global sensor networks, mobile devices, and social media.

Through our services Spaceflight and BlackSky, we are enabling timely and affordable access to space while redefining how we observe our changing world. This combination of innovative satellite design, rideshare launch offerings, and geospatial intelligence services provide the insights that transform how we view ourselves and the planet on which we live.

We deliver on-demand insights about places, events, and assets that are critical to their operations. In addition, BlackSky provides satellite collection, data, and cloud based processing and analytic solutions to organizations that are capitalizing on the exponential growth or a wide range of sensor and collection platforms for delivering the next generation of GEOINT and location intelligence solutions. We proudly provide solutions to commercial and government organizations with relevant programs with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), US. Army, and U.S. Air Force Research Labs.


BlackSky is looking for a Systems Administrator to support in Qatar. 

• Advise and assist personnel maintaining and servicing a CISCO Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 5505 Firewall or a compatible replacement

• Advise and assist personnel in setting-up, managing, maintaining, monitoring, troubleshooting, and replacing Windows based servers, switches, routers, data diodes, desktops, laptops and other hardware which are part of the network

• Assist and advise personnel in installing, managing, maintaining, patching, updating, troubleshooting, and submitting trouble tickets to 3rd party vendors for all software which is part of the network

• Advise and assist personnel in conducting weekly anti-virus updates and security checks on all network components

• Advise and assist personnel in developing and maintaining an inventory of all hardware and software (to include expiration dates, warranties, user accounts, and contact information) associated with the network

• Provide on-site training and the On-the-Job training to personnel on the maintenance of network 

• Assist and advise personnel in developing documentation and checklists for maintaining and troubleshooting the network.  Conduct an annual review of all documentation to ensure accuracy

• Assist and advise personnel in escalating trouble tickets to the Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and determine the best solution for remediation

• Assist and advise personnel in developing daily, weekly, and monthly checklists to ensure appropriate actions are taken to ensure the health of the network.

• Assist and advise personnel in designing solutions for new requirements to the network.

• Assist and advise personnel in maintaining network operating logs, records, documentation and reports that describe the operation and maintenance of the network.  

• Assist and advise personnel in maintaining drawings, revisions, specifications, lists, clarifications and other materials related to operation and maintenance of the network.  

• Assist and advise personnel in coordinating with QAF Cyber compliance, ensuring the system architecture, maintenance and operations are in accordance with industry best practices and applicable Laws Such assistance shall include providing reports, records, logs and other information that QAF may reasonably request and approved by the Program Manager as to the Operation and Maintenance of the network.  

• Assist and advise personnel in developing a checklist for normal shutdown and start-up procedures of the network, and a checklist for re-booting the network after an abnormal shutdown (i.e. generator failure).

• Assist and advise personnel in developing a trouble ticket log on a shared drive on the network where users can document system issues.  Additionally, assist in developing a system to notify the BlackSky program managers of issues which require immediate attention (critical component failure).

• Assist and advise personnel in preparing a monthly presentation used to inform leadership on the maintenance and health of the network.  The presentation should include top maintenance issues, list of equipment nearing end of life cycle and pricing to either repair or replace components.  


•  Education and/or experience totaling four to six years of experience in information technology, system engineering, system administration, and designing, building, and maintaining a data center in a foreign country

• Able to obtain and retain a QAF background check 

• Successfully pass a medical evaluation to live in Doha (U.S. and Doha)

• Obtain all immunizations recommended by CDC prior to travel to Qatar

• Possess a valid US passport which is valid 2 years from date of hiring

• Possess a valid US driver’s which is valid 2 years from date of hiring

• Obtain a Qatar driver’s license

• Able to work in environment that does not have handicap accessibility

• Able to work between 10 and 16 hours a day without additional pay and no time compensation

• Able to work US holidays

• Live in Qatar for one year unaccompanied in a communal setting (villa mates)

• Be punctual to scheduled meet times

• Able to instruct on the utilization of SOCET GXP, SOCET Xplorer and other SOCET products

• Able to use Microsoft Office Products

• Able to assist in basic file management and office tasks (printing) and in the preparation of presentations and periodic reports)

• Able to instruct on the usage of applications on the BlackSky platform

• Able to assist in program management duties

• Able to work as a member of a small team where interchangeability is a requirement

• Able to remain on call during off-duty hours

• Able to prepare lesson plans and provide instruction

• Able to lift 50 pounds without assistance and carry up and down stairs

• Able to walk 1 km in desert environment with extreme temperatures

Desired Skills:

• Ability to understand and communicate verbally and non-verbally in Arabic 

• Knowledge of local culture

BlackSky Will Provide You With:

Computer, software and monitor / IT support

Tax advise Daily per diem when in country at JFTR rate


Work residency facilitation services

Lodging / with cable and internet services

Stipend for local phone in Doha

Scheduled transportation to work site

Emergency evacuation



-401k (stipulations)

-Education (stipulations)

-30 days annual paid vacation

-1 paid round-trip travel back to US (miss maximum 15 workdays)

-$1000 voucher for travel (miss maximum of 5 workdays)

-Stock options (stipulations)

-Reimbursement for work related expenses (approved by PM)

Qatar Will Provide You With:

• Sponsorship to work in Qatar

•  Working with Qatari Consulate to obtain requirements

Facilitate access to Qatar Armed Forces installations


Spaceflight Industries is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer All Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

EEO/AAP/ Pay Transparency Statements:


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    Doha, Qatar
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    Geo Solutions
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